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Washington Bar Exam 2022 – Want to know the details about Admission, Admission Requirement, Eligibility, Qualification, Admission Fee, Fee Deadline, Exam Dates, Admission Ticket, Results, Scores, Grading & Weightage, Application Process, Laptop Registration, Exam Scope & Topics, Contact Details, FAQs. Continue reading the below article for more updates about Washington Bar Exam.

Washington Bar Exam 2022

Washington Bar Exam 



Washington Bar July Exam 2022

July 26-27, 2022


Application Deadline

March 7, 2022

Official Website


Admission Requirement

  1. Application Submission Policy :

All applicants must submit electronically, within the filing deadlines specified below, the following:

  • a completed application in the form required by the Bar including any required supplemental documentation;
  • two Certificates of Good Moral Character, dated within 6 months prior to the application date and completed by two lawyers admitted to practice law in any U.S. jurisdiction or the foreign jurisdiction in which the applicant is admitted to practice law. For LLLT Applicants and LPO Applicants the certificates may be completed by LLLTs or LPOs admitted to practice in Washington;
  • an Authorization and Release form. The form must be signed and notarized within 6 months prior to the application date.

In addition, Attorney Applicants must submit:

  • a Certificate of Good Standing from each jurisdiction in which the applicant has ever been admitted (including federal courts and tribal courts). Certificates of Good Standing (or similar document) for Attorney Applicants admitted to practice law must be issued by the admitting authority (e.g., State Bar or highest state court) in each jurisdiction where the applicant has been admitted. If the applicant is no longer admitted in the jurisdiction, the applicant must submit a letter from the jurisdiction that includes the dates of admission and status history. The certificate or letter must be signed and dated within 6 months prior to the application date.

All documents must be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation.


The below qualifications are required to get the Washington Bar admission :

  • Graduated from an ABA-accredited law school with a Juris Doctor degree or
  • Completed the Washington Supreme Court APR 6 Law Clerk Program.
  • Graduated with a Juris Doctor from any U.S. law school and earned an LLM degree that meets the requirements of Washington Supreme Court APR 3 from an ABA-approved law school.
  • Graduated from a university or law school outside of the U.S. with a degree in law that qualifies the applicant to practice law in that jurisdiction and earned an LLM degree that meets the requirements of Washington Supreme Court APR 3 from an ABA-approved law school.
  • been admitted to the practice of law in any jurisdiction where the common law of England is the basis of its jurisprudence and has legal experience for at least three of the five years immediately preceding the filing of the application.

Admission Fee

For Exam Applicants : Applications should be received or postmarked before the deadline. Applications will not be accepted if payment is received or postmarked after the final deadline.

No applications will be accepted after the late filing deadline except for applicants who failed the immediately preceding winter Washington exam and are applying for the following summer Washington exam; those applicants are not required to pay the late filing fee and the deadline will be May 5.

Administrative Fee (nonrefundable portion of application fee):

  • Bar Exam Applicants – $300
  • LLLT Applicants – $150
  • LPO Applicants – $100

Fee Deadline

Only applications for an exam (excluding petitions for reinstatement under APR 25) have a filing deadline. Applications for admission by exam are accepted beginning February 1 for the summer exam and September 1 for the winter exam. Filing deadlines for applications to take an examination are as follows:



First Deadline

Late Filing Deadline

Failed the Immediately
Preceding Winter WA Exam
Deadline With No Late Fee

Summer Exam

February 1

March 5

April 5

May 5

Winter Exam

September 1

October 5

November 5


Washington Bar Exam Dates

Lawyer Exam Dates

Washington Exam Dates

July 26-27, 2022


Yakima Convention Center (in-person)

Application Filing Deadlines

March 7, 2022 (timely filing), April 5, 2022 (late filing fee $300) May 5, 2022 (failed immediate preceding winter exam)

Exam Results Posted to Applicant’s Online Account for Winter 2022 Exam

April 8, 2022, 8 a.m. PT

Admission Ticket

Applicants who have applied for Washington Bar Exam in the month of February (Summer Exam) and September (Winter Exam) should visit the official website regarding the updates about Admission Ticket.

Washington Bar Exam Results

The exam results are typically released to applicants on their online accounts at 8:00 a.m. on the second Friday of April for the winter exam, and September for the summer exam.


 Exam Results

Summer Exam 

in the month of September 2022

Winter Exam 

in the month of April 2022

Scores, Grading & Weightage

Washington’s Board of Bar Examiners is responsible for the grading of the MEE and MPT portions of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). In order to assure fairness and uniformity in grading, the Board of Bar Examiners follows NCBE-prescribed standards for grading (the NCBE develops and distributes the UBE to the administering states.)

Applicants are provided with the scaled written (MEE+MPT) score, MBE score, and total UBE
score only. Unsuccessful applicants will receive copies of their written essay and performance
exam questions and answers and written raw scores. No other results information or
examination materials will be provided to the applicants. There is no review or appeal of final
examination results.

Laptop Registration

Applicants who requests for a laptop computer for the written portions of the exam must register, pay for, and download software from ILG Exam360. Exam360 must be purchased and downloaded for each administration of the exam, even if used in the past. Fees paid to ILG Exam360 are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Laptop users must sign a waiver of liability on exam day. Applicants who do not purchase and download the software by 18 days prior to the exam will be required to handwrite the exam.
If an exam applicant’s laptop fails prior to the exam, the applicant must contact ILG Exam360 to download Exam360 again.

Washington Bar Exam Scope & Topics

Washington State administers the National Conference of Bar Associations’ (NCBE) Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). The UBE consists of three separate components: the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE), and the Multistate Performance Test (MPT).

Mutistate Bar Exam (MBE)

The MBE is a six-hour, 200-question multiple-choice examination. The questions on the MBE cover seven subject areas:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Real Property
  • Torts

Contact Details

Email: [email protected] | 800-945-9722

Visit the Bar
Washington State Bar Association

1325 Fourth Ave., Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98101-2539 | Map

Who is not allowed to take Washington Bar Exam?

You are not allowed to take the Washington bar exam if you:
qualify for admission by motion, see APR 3(c);
qualify for admission by UBE score transfer, see APR 3(d); or
do not intend to seek admission to the practice of law in Washington. Only bona fide applicants applying for admission to the practice of law in Washington are allowed to take the Washington bar exam.

What is Washington’s qualifying UBE score?

Washington’s qualifying score is 270; however, it was reduced to 266 for certain exams during the COVID-19 pandemic.  A score of 266 is accepted for the following exams: July 2020, September 2020, February 2021, July 2021 and February 2022.

I moved and would like to change my address

You may update your address, or other contact information, by logging on to your online account and selecting “Edit Personal Info” in the upper right corner from.

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